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Behind The Scenes With BLM and Antifa In Philly and DC: It Ain’t Pretty [VIDEO]

Drew Hernandez followed BLM and Antifa groups in Philadelphia and Washington DC.  Celebrities and the main stream media like to portray these groups as peaceful protesters and social justice heroes.  This is not what they want you to see.

Here is the full recap video.

The ongoing narrative can be seen is Drew’s tweets:


Here they assault journalists:

So now, let’s bust up someone’s car…

The karate kid? Not really…

BLM to reporter… “you’re gunna get pummeled”

BLM swarms white couple “I bet your dick is tiny…”

In DC BLM calls a woman a C*nt

DC: BLM activists led chants saying “if we don’t get know justice, they don’t get no peace” towards white people eating dinner

DC: BLM protesters appear to only allow black people to record their protests, but not white people nor hispanic people

BREAKING: A DC BLM activist physically assaults a gay man by hitting him in the face with her megaphone

BREAKING: DC BLM and Antifa descended upon a gay neighborhood tonight and began to intimidate and harass multiple gay people

“You think I’m afraid of you?”

DC: A BLM activist begins to harass a white man for recording the protest as an Antifa militant dressed in black armor proceeds to then film the man in return

DC: Tonight BLM and Antifa mobilized to remove a Hispanic photographer who they were randomly claiming was “harassing women” at their protest

That’s Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and you won’t see this in CNN or MSNBC.