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Drew Hernandez At The White House ‘Siege’: ‘The Avatar Party’ and Protesting The 4th Reich? [VIDEO]

The so called White House ‘siege’ turned out to be a bit of a damp squib as the organizing groups behind the ‘siege’ canceled the first event related to the protest. The ‘siege’ is  supposed to last until Election Day.

Minutes before the “General Assembly” was supposed to convene in Lafayette Square at noon, Twitter accounts announced the meeting was canceled due to the groups receiving “MANY threats of death and violence from Trump supporters and white nationalists.”

However, intrepid reporter Drew Hernandez was there to cover those that turned up, and quite a mixed collection they were too.

Take a look at his video report:

So, what’s the biggest takeway from day 1 of the ‘siege’?  Well, it appears that Donald Trump’s administration is effectively, “The 4th Reich” but he himself, is unwilling to take the knee.

Drew will be back to report on events at the ‘siege’ as they arise.

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